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BZU President meets with Major General Jibreel Rjoub - News

August 9, 2011
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On 15 June 2011, BZU President, Dr. Khalil Hindi, met with the President of the Palestinian Football Federation, Major General Jibreel Rjoub. The meeting was attended by  the Vice-Presidents, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Dean of Student Affairs, Director of the Public Relations Office, and faculty members of the Physical Education Program. The meeting addressed prospects of future cooperation between BZU and the Higher Council for Youth and Sports.


At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Hindi welcomed Mr. Rjoub, applauding the progress at the Palestinian Football Federation, and stressing BZU’s interest in the extra-curricular activities that play an important role in refining the personality  and building  a creative spirit

General Rajoub pointed to BZU’s academic, political and social role, which distinguishes it from all other academic institutions, praising the sports management program, which is implemented in collaboration with the Center for Continuing Education at BZU. Rjoub discussed with BZU President the possibility of initiating a national sports project that aims to develop Palestinian sports, and formulate a strategy for youth and sports in which the BZU sports staff participate.

Rjoub visited the Department of Physical Education and met with its faculty members, who talked about the projects that need support including: fitness hall, interior hall with an electronic panel, in addition to the possibility of benefiting from the training courses organized by the Palestinian Football Federation.

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