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BZU Ranks 1st Among Palestinian Universities in the 2011 Zuhair Hijjawi Competition - News

August 15, 2011
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Saa’dia Abu Sirriyeh, a chemistry student in the Faculty of Science at BZU, ranked 1st in the field of Water and Environmental Engineering in the 2011 Zuhair Hijjawi Competition for her research on "Green Manufacturing (Environmentally Friendly) for Iron Nano Particles Used as Catalyst to Remove Ions of Water Dyes."

The research focuses on the production of nano-iron by using green tea extract which is added to iron salts under appropriate laboratory conditions. The result is the ability to remove blue and orange methylene polluters, offering a model for responding to contaminated water. Further work is possible to develop materials based on nano-iron for the removal of some organic pollutants from water. The research project was funded by BZU and supervised by BZU Professor of Chemistry Dr. Talal Shahwan.


As for the preparation of the research, Saa’dia confirmed that the process was simple and didn’t require large technical devices; further, teaching assistants and professors aided her by providing tools and assisting in her work.

Dr. Shahwan expressed his pride, saying: "Saa’dia’s receiving the Zuhair Hijjawi Award in the field of water and environmental engineering and renewable energy is the culmination of our efforts, especially since this is the second year in a row that a BZU student wins this same award over competitors from other Palestinian universities.”

In fact, this is the second consecutive victory by a BZU student. In 2010 Mu’ath Nei’rat won the Zuhair Hajjawi Award for Excellence in Scientific Research.

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