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BZU Ranks Second in Beirut Human Rights Moot Court Competition

January 21, 2013
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On 21-23 September 2012, a BZU student team took part in the 2012 Human Rights Moot Court Competition, organized by the Arab Academic Human Rights Network (AAHRN). Upon the conclusion of the competition, AAHRN announced that the BZU team won second place in the oral argument round. Law students from Morocco, Lebanon and Jordan also participated in the Moot Court Competition.



The BZU team was comprised of Narmin Siyam, legal researcher at Institute of Law (IoL), and four law students: Amani Sarras, Abdullah Abu Eid, Fadi Abu Ta’ah and Shahd Awartani. Mentoring was supervised by Dr. Mustafa Mar’i, IoL staff member.

Based on a set of international conventions and judicial precedents, the hypothetical case, which served as the basis of the competition, centred on human rights protection and defence within the Arab context. The BZU team examined the case, wrote a legal memorandum, and presented an oral argument in front of human rights experts acting as the Arab Court on Human Rights.

Participation in Moot Court Competition adds a qualitative value to law education. Moot Court practice has the advantage of diversifying teaching methods as well as enhancing research capacity building, pleadings and presentation skills, and argumentation.

BZU participation was facilitated thanks to the IoL, which formally joined the AAHRN in December 2011. Since early 2012, the IoL has played an increasingly significant role within the Network.


Information on the AAHRN is accessible at


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