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BZU Student Awarded Third Place at 15th Arab Creative Students Forum

January 21, 2013
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Law and Public Administration student Hind Ramadan Al-Batta placed third in the scientific research contest at the 15th Arab Creative Students Forum held at Imam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic University in Saudi Arabia on November 17-22, 2012. Over 150 students from various Arab universities participated in the forum.

Al-Batta presented a research paper entitled “The role of Palestinian universities in promoting political awareness from 1987-2012.” Her research examines the role of Palestinian universities in promoting political awareness in society. The first chapter of the study discusses the complementation between the role of the Palestinian universities and the students’ movement, with the goal of assessing the Palestinian universities’ ability to provide the appropriate democratic environment for student council elections. Al-Batta’s research also explores the extracurricular activities that aim to promote political awareness among students, emphasizing the importance of the amalgamation of the universities and the students’ movement in managing these activities.

The study also discusses university curricula and courses that promote political awareness and reinforce understanding of basic political concepts, which qualify and prepare students to participate in political life. The final two chapters discuss the limitations of this political awareness-raising process at universities.

“The basic aim of the research is to demonstrate the efforts Palestinian universities make in the empowerment of the Palestinian community, a community that it is distinct from other communities,” Al-Batta said.

Al-Batta expressed her joy for the opportunity she and her colleagues had in participating in the 15th Arab Creative Students Forum, where their work was presented to elite Arab professors.

Dean of Student Affairs Mohammad Al-Ahmad expressed Birzeit University’s great honor at one of its students being selected as one of the top participants in the Arab world. He said that BZU’s focus on scientific research is one reason for the achievement. He also thanked Imam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic University, its administration and staff, and the Arab Council for the Training of Students of Arab Universities on behalf of BZU for organizing the forum.

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