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Call for Re-Documentation of Palestinian Narrative and Interest in Historical Documents - News

August 9, 2011
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Samih Hammoudah of the Political Science Faculty at BZU called on Palestinians to confront the Israeli narrative on the conflict through the re-documentation of the Palestinian narrative. He encouraged particular attention be paid to historical documents through "formulating a national intellectual system, based on scientific studies of documents." This call came during a seminar entitled "Spotlights on Islamic-Christian Relations in Ramallah during the Late Ottoman and British Mandate, according to Ramallah Records" held by the Zaytouna Centre for Advisory Studies in Beirut.

Hammoudah referred to the archives of the Ramallah Municipality, amounting to 126 records and decisions of the municipal council since its inception in 1912 through the present.

He attributed the increasing Moslem presence in Ramallah during the British Mandate to the Christian immigration from Ramallah to the United States. He accounted for this pattern with economic and material reasons as well as an increase in the Ramallah labor force, explaining that the Islamic expansion in Ramallah was normal and did not encounter any aggression.

He concluded his lecture by calling for a move from general history to a detailed history, giving attention for cognitive and theoretical studies of history and society, and the importance of critical reading of the Western analytical narrative.

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