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Center for Development Studies Concludes Project on Empowering Those with Disabilities

February 25, 2014
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The Birzeit University Centre for Development Studies held a conference on February 17, 2014 to finalize discussion on a project that seeks to empower those with disabilities in claiming their rights and entitlements.

Vice President for Community Outreach Samia Hulaileh told the gathering that the university believes in the right of all individuals in the community to access educational and supportive services.

"This project has created an opportunity for the university and the target group to make a real change in the community and among academia by empowering individuals with disabilities,” she said, “and assisting the university in acquiring experience in dealing with this issue, which is the responsibility of all parties as a human rights issue."

The conference included a range of activities including presentation of the project and its impact and presentations on the different experiences of people with disabilities, and by the participating institutions. The project was funded by the Department for International Development-UK (DFID) and implemented alongside Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP).

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