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Chinese Delegation Visits BZU

April 17, 2012
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On 28 February 2012, BZU received a delegation from the Republic of China (PRC), comprising a group of businessmen, investors, academics and media professionals, in addition to the Palestinian Ambassador to China, Mr. Ahmad Abbas Ramadan. The aim of the visit was for delegation members to examine closely the situation of higher education in Palestine and explore potential collaboration.



BZU President, Dr. Khalil Hindi, gave a briefing on the University’s development and progress, as well as the challenges encountered under Israeli occupation. He also informed the delegation of the formation of a committee to explore the possibility of establishing a center for Chinese studies and the possibility of teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language at BZU. Moreover, Dr. Hindi discussed the possibility of internships for Birzeit University students at Chinese institutions which will provide them with an unequalled opportunity to learn. He also recommended student exchange programs in terms of receiving Chinese students at Birzeit University to learn Arabic at the Palestine and Arabic Studies Program (PAS) at BZU.

Ambassador Ramadan spoke about Israeli practices that hinder BZU’s progress, emphasizing the Palestinian resilience in the prevailing circumstances.

Director of the Chinese Research Center and head of the delegation, Dr. Liu Kang, considered this short visit a successful initiative. He noted that the delegation was deeply touched by the Palestinian hospitality. He commented: "The visit helped the Chinese businessmen to see up close the conditions and current opportunities in the region.”


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