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Conclusion of Training Course: “The addict is a sick person and has rights” - News

August 9, 2011
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On 7 June 2011, the Deanship of Student Affairs - Counseling Section at BZU in collaboration with Al-Sadiq Al Tayeb Society for the Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts honoredhonoredWorld Day to Combat Drugs with a one-week training course entitled "The addict is a sick person and has rights,” in which BZU students participated.

Director Majed Alloush of Al-Sadiq Al Tayeb Society for the Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts explained that targeting universities and schools enables them to deliver a message through the community of students, who thus serve as an instrument for educating members of society more generally.

BZU Social Counselor Mona Muhtaseb explained that the most important factor leading young people to addiction is an escape from realities on the ground, such as psychological pressures, social problems and the political conditions. She added: "The objective of this training is to promote positive attitudes towards addicts in the community, and to clarify some of the concepts related to drug addiction. Further, we hope to acquaint students with the institutions which treat addicts, thereby making them aware of how they can contribute to raising awareness in the community as to the harmful effects and the influence of drugs."

According to the Palestinian General Administration for Combating Drugs, there are 50-60,000 drug users, the equivalent of 18 thousand addicts, throughout the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem, amounting to approximately 6,000 addicts in each area.

The Dean of Student Affairs, Mohammad Al-Ahmad, explained that BZU students are a key priority at the University, and as such the University always seeks to help them academically, socially and psychologically.

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