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Consultative conference at BZU on impact of political detention on families

January 21, 2013
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On 19 November, 2012, representatives of more than a dozen local and international NGOs that work with Palestinian detainees and their families, in addition to the Ministry of Detainee and Ex-detainee Affairs, attended a consultative conference at Birzeit University’s Institute of Community and Public Health (ICPH).

The conference was part of a research project on the impacts of Palestinian political detention by the Israeli military on the wives and children of detainees. The research team presented their main findings, including the results of an institutional survey with the participating organizations, and facilitated a constructive discussion with attendees.

The input generated from this consultative conference will serve as a starting point for further cooperation between the Ministry of Detainee and Ex-detainee Affairs, the NGO's providing services to prisoners and their families, and ICPH.

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