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Discussion Initiated for Joint Master’s in Executive Business Administration with Maastricht University

February 23, 2015
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Maastricht University’s Enterprise Development Specialist Vin Morar visited Birzeit University on February 16, 2015, and met with university president Khalil Hindi, Faculty of Graduate Studies dean Henry Giacaman, Faculty of Business and Economics dean Yousef Dawood and MBA program director Suhail Sultan.

The parties discussed how Birzeit University might cooperate with its Dutch counterpart, particularly the establishment of a joint master’s program in executive business administration. This program will be one of its kind in Palestine, targeting managers of institutions and corporations. Joint courses would be designed for both universities, and Birzeit students will spend part of their study time in the Netherlands.

Also, both parties discussed the possibility of establishing the Entrepreneurship Center at the Birzeit University Faculty of Business and Economics, seeking to prepare/train the university students for the labor market, and support entrepreneurial projects.

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