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Documentary Film Shows Palestinian Suffering at Allenby Crossing

October 11, 2014
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The activities office in the Birzeit University Student Affairs Deanship screened the documentary film “Have a Nice Trip” on September 30, 2014. This film documents in 36 minutes the experiences of Palestinian travelers across the King Hussein or Allenby Bridge, as they leave the West Bank and head to Jordan and then return.

The film is directed by Rae’d Hilou and supported by Rosa Luxemburg Foundation-Palestine, in collaboration with the Karamah Campaign International.

Filming was done in secret over two years using hidden cameras, due to the near impossibility of filming openly in Israeli border buildings. The film focuses on a five kilometer distance that includes both the passport control premises of the Palestinian Authority, Israeli border buildings and the Jordanian borderline, highlighting the long time spent by the Palestinian traveler being transported by buses for such a short distance.

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