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Environmental Club Organizes Exhibition and Seminar on International Water Disputes

April 17, 2012
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As part of its 2012 activities, the Environmental Club at the Institute of Environmental and Water Studies at BZU, in collaboration with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (APY), organized an exhibition from 6-7 February 2012. The exhibition was held under the title: "International Water Disputes,” which included short documentary film screenings and distribution of leaflets on the status of water conflicts in Palestine and other parts of the world.





The exhibition sought to expose Israeli violations against Palestinian natural water resources as part of Israeli human rights violations. It also highlighted the water situation in other regions of the world, which suffer from water problems and shortages, which lead to disputes between countries.


On 7 February 2012, Director of the UNESCO Chair on Human Rights and Democracy at An-Najah University, Dr. Anna Saunders, delivered a lecture on international humanitarian law, which stipulates the respect and protection of water rights of civilians in cases of war and occupation. She stated that the Israeli occupation violates these rights on daily bases.


These activities are part of the Tempus project[i] while the Environmental Club is one of its outputs.




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