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Expert Nizar Habash To Teach at Birzeit University’s Sina Institute

July 15, 2014
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Prof. Nizar Habash, a world-class scientist in the field of natural language processing, was recently appointed as an adjunct associate professor at Birzeit University’s Sina Institute for Knowledge Engineering and Arabic Technologies. Habash will conduct research and lecture at both the Sina institute and the faculty of information technology.

Habash received his PhD in 2003 from the Computer Science Department, University of Maryland College Park. He is currently a research scientist at the Center for Computational Learning Systems in Columbia University in the United States. His research includes work on machine translation, morphological analysis, generation and disambiguation, as well as computational modeling of Arabic and its dialects. Habash has authored over 100 publications  and published a book titled "Introduction to Arabic Natural Language Processing".

Habash says that research on Arabic language processing, specifically on dialectal Arabic, requires teaming up with researchers from Arabic-speaking countries. He said that being affiliated with Birzeit University will enable him to contribute to the Sina institute's ambitious research projects.

Sina Institute Director Mustafa Jarrar explained that Prof. Habash will not only bring outstanding research experience to the institute, but will also be a great addition to its faculty members and graduates.














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