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Faculty of Nursing Organizes a Lecture on Autism

May 6, 2015
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The Birzeit University Faculty of Nursing, Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions organized on April 29, 2015 a lecture entitled: "Early diagnosis of communication problems: theories of autism treatment (ABA vs. DIR): a comparison between DSM4 - DSM5," delivered by the developmental psychologist Tareq Miari from the Child Development Center in Jerusalem.

Miari addressed the symptoms of autism, methods of early diagnosis of the disease, as well as methods of communication problems treatment, in addition to comparing international standards for diagnosis and communication problems in terms of DSM4 and DSM5.

The teacher in the hearing and speech therapy program Thaer Oudeh said that this lecture is important because it provides information for students of Hearing and Speech program in particular and society in general, aiming to raise awareness among concerned people i.e. relatives of those who have autistic children.

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