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Faculty of Science Open Day Targets School Students

May 27, 2014
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Public Relations Office - Birzeit University

The Birzeit University Faculty of Science organized on May 14, 2014 a science open day under the auspices of Wataniya Mobile Company. The event included various laboratory tests to introduce visitors, among them school and university students, to the activities carried out in the faculty’s different laboratories.

"The Faculty of Science seeks to support the scientific methodology in Palestinian society,” said Faculty Dean Wael Karain in his opening remarks, “by intensifying extracurricular scientific activities for school students, and many high schools were invited to participate in this scientific day."

A representative of Wataniya told the gathering, "Our sponsorship stems out of the belief in our responsibility towards the Palestinian society and our students, who are the company's current and future cadre."

Open day preparatory committee head Jamil Harb said that this open day will be a step towards organizing more exhibitions and workshops, through cooperation between faculty and students, and commended the efforts made by the departments in the faculty to make the day a success.

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