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FIFA President Receives BZU Students

September 5, 2012
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The President of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), Joseph Blatter, recently received BZU students who participated in the Sport Management Program held at the Center for Continuing Education (CCE) at BZU and whose final project was a winner. The course on sport management was conducted by the CCE in collaboration with the International Center for Sports Studies (CIES) and the Palestinian Football Association.


Blatter expressed his pleasure at receiving BZU students at FIFA headquarters, applauding their innovative efforts to offer creative ideas for the development of sports management during the last six months.

The winning project titled "Recycling for Sport" sought to recycle used tires for the purpose of equipping stadiums and sports halls. The project is the fruit of efforts undertaken by participants in the CCE course as well as trainers, who designed and conducted training courses and supervised the final project. The Sport Management Program at the CCE has been implemented over the past three years and has produced a number of success stories.

The project was presented before an audience of FIFA Master students. It was greatly appreciated by the program supervisory committee for its athletic, as well as economic and environmental value.


At the end of the meeting, BZU student Ayat Sa’afean from the Palestinian Football Association presented a gift to Blatter in acknowledgement of his continuous support of Palestinian sports.


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