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First Class of Public Sector Managerial Skills Students Receives Diplomas

September 9, 2014
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Birzeit University’s Center for Continuing Education celebrated on August 30, 2014 the graduation of the first class from the Managerial Skills of Public Sector Employees certification program. The two-year program is being implemented in partnership with the Palestinian Ministry of Justice, and funded by UNDP/PAPP.

The Vice-President for Community Outreach emphasized the university's commitment to partnerships with all Palestinian institutions as it works to advance community, whether governmental, civil or private.

A representative of the UNDP said that the program is an important part of increasing the performance of the public sector.

CCE director Marwan Tarazi and professor Osama Mimi underscored the role of non-credit diploma programs in enhancing public sector performance and thanked all those who contributed to the design, development and implementation of the training program.



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