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Highlighting the Spanish Architecture Birzeit University Museum Opens the Exhibition "On a Journey"

May 23, 2015
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Public Relations Office - Birzeit University

Birzeit University Museum opened on May 18, 2015, the exhibition " On a Journey," which highlights the art of Spanish architecture in the Arab world, in the presence of the Spanish Consul to the State of Palestine Juan Jose Escobar, Birzeit University President Khalil Hindi, Museum director Inas Yasin, in addition to a number of faculty members, University Council, students and those interested.

The exhibition is a product of cooperation with the AM Qattan Foundation and the Spanish Representative Office aiming to show the work of professional Spanish architects, who worked in Arab countries that are close enough to Spain.

Hindi emphasized the importance of cultural and professional communication between Palestine and countries of the world, as  the exhibition represents a window to the public in general, and university students, especially students of architectural engineering in particular, to get exposed to contemporary architectural models in Arab cities.

Consul Escobar stressed that the Spanish Representative Office has focused on sharing the experiences of Spanish architects, who worked on the design of many exceptional buildings in the Arab world, while taking into account the strong relations between the Arab and Spanish cultures.

Yasin explained about the contents of the exhibition, stressing that these activities help to aware the students of the global cultures via the transfer of international art of architecture, including the Spanish one, where It may be difficult for students to access directly.

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