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History and Archaeology Department, Quality Improvement Fund Launch Project to Develop Rural Tourism Minor

January 14, 2015
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The Birzeit University History and Archaeology Department announced on January 14, 2015 the launching of a World Bank-funded project that will develop a minor academic program for rural tourism in Palestine.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Henry Giacaman applauded the project, which joins with the private sector in making rural tourism a key player in the tourism sector, thus creating job opportunities for graduates of such programs. Giacaman added that the unemployment rate among university graduates nationwide rose in 2013 to approximately 51.5% of all university graduates, according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics.

Project manager and history department chair Hamed Salem introduced the project’s rational, which seeks to develop an academic program in the Birzeit University History and Archaeology Department that will focus on rural tourism in Palestine and thus reduce the unemployment rate among university graduates. The project duration is two years, beginning with a labor market needs assessment that will inform the development of the academic program. New courses in field training will be offered, and students’ projects in partnership with the private sector and academic staff of various departments will be encouraged.



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