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Ibn Sina School for Computer Science Concludes Summer School

September 5, 2012
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On 17 July 2012, the Ibn Sina School for Computer Science concluded the first phase of its three-year summer school project, hosted by the Faculty of Information Technology at BZU.

This phase began on 20 June 2012 with four intensive courses in computer science offered. The project provides a unique opportunity for Palestinian students from various Palestinian universities to enroll in this educational program.



The school admitted 20 students from eight universities: Birzeit, An-Najah, Al-Quds, Bethlehem, Polytechnic, Hebron, and the Arab American University in Jenin, in addition to the University of Jordan. The project as a whole aims to offer twenty four courses in the field of computer science, hosting around twenty four professors from reputable universities around the world. It is anticipated that the total number of students who will be admitted throughout the project is 60.

The School Director, Dr. Adnan Darwiche, praised students’ performance and capabilities as well as their skills and interaction. Darwiche added: "Beginnings are always messy, but with the efforts undertaken by students, professors and Birzeit University, it was a good start. This first successful start has not only developed students’ skills, but primarily sought to divert their mode of thinking towards innovation."


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