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Institute of Law Awards Diplomas to First Family Law Class

February 10, 2016
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Birzeit University’s Institute of Law celebrated on January 30, 3016 the graduation of its first class to complete the Specialized Professional Diploma Program in Family Law.

The Diploma Program, launched in 2014, is designed to develop and enhance the theoretical background and legal skills of family lawyers and judges. It aims at strengthening the skills of family court staff and lawyers in areas of personal status, inheritance, Waqf (property bestowed for pious purposes), family court procedures, and so on.

The first class of trainees was comprised of 20 law students who are prepared to take the examinations that enable them to practice law before the family courts in Israel.

“This Diploma Program is evidence of the unity among Palestinians in all areas where they reside,” institute director Ghassan Faramand said in his welcoming remarks. “It is one of the many programs that the Institute of Law is implementing in the area of family law and judicial practice. We seek to enhance [attorneys’] skills and make them better at overall representation of their clients.”

Faramand thanked Nisaa wa Afaq/Women and Horizons, an organization inside the Green Line, for its cooperation in implementing the program.

Nisaa wa Afaq director Nayifah as-Sarisi congratulated the graduates and thanked the Insitute for its efforts. “We need to implement more similar activities with foresight towards areas inside the Green Line, particularly among family judges and lawyers.”

Graduate Shaden Abu Tayeh congratulated her colleagues for their accomplishments. She expressed her appreciation to the institute and its trainers for the effort they invested in making the Diploma Program successful. She also highlighted the importance of such training modules and urged both the institute and Nisaa wa Afaq to maintain cooperation and implement further joint initiatives on family law and procedures before family courts.

At the end of the ceremony, certificates were awarded to all 20 students.

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