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Institute of Law at BZU-Gaza Strip holds a training course on strengthening the capacities of lawyers in dealing with gender issues - News

August 9, 2011
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The Institute of Law at BZU-Gaza Strip in cooperation with the Palestinian Bar Association held on 9 July 2011, a specialized training course on "Strengthening the capacities of lawyers in dealing with gender issues," within the project "Preparing curricula and training of judges, prosecutors, lawyers and local government on gender issues," funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and focuses on training on gender issues to be incorporated in the work of the target groups of the project.


In his speech, the Deputy President of the Palestinian Bar Association, Salamah Bseiso, emphasized the importance of this course for the work of lawyers, as it will contribute to empower them in gender issues, which will enhance the awareness, knowledge and skills in dealing with issues of a different perspective, and invited the participants to continuously seek to acquire skills and ttransfer their skills and experiences to their colleagues. He thanked the Institute of Law for its efforts in empowering the legal profession.

The Institute’s Coordinator, Lina Tunisy, welcomed the trainees, and explained the importance of partnership with the Tammy Institute for Training, which is implementing the project’s activities in Gaza Strip, and the importance of cooperation with the Palestinian Bar Association to the success of the training course. She explained the objective of the project, in terms of eliminating discrimination based on gender in all its forms, including issues of violence against women, and to devote greater equality of women in various sectors, including decision-making positions.

The course’s duration is (5) days starting 9 -13 July 2011, in which (28) female and male lawyers are participating from various governorates of Gaza Strip, and a specialized group of trainers will train the participants on a variety of topics, as scheduled.

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