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Institute of Women's Studies Organizes a Workshop on the Intersections Between Social Power Structures

May 4, 2015
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In cooperation with the doctoral program in social sciences, the Birzeit University Institute of Women's Studies held a workshop on April 29, 2015, entitled "How do we address the issue of intersection between gender, race, class and the colonial situation?" The lecture was delivered by Professor Nadine Naber from the University of Chicago, US.

Professor Naber confirmed that we cannot comprehend the relationship of force and repression to these structures, each separately, but there must be an in-depth research on how the intersection of these forms leads to produce life experiences of women.

The professor in the social and behavioral sciences department and the Institute of Women's Studies Lena Miari said that the importance of this workshop stems from the fact that it offers conceptual and methodological framework for addressing the issue of intersections between the forces of power of the faculty members and graduate students, and contributes to triggering the debate on how to understand the gender issue in the colonial context in Palestine.

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