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International Journal of Environmental Studies Releases Special Issue on Palestine - News

September 25, 2011
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Dr. Rashed Al-Sa`ed from the BZU Institute of Environmental and Water Studies is guest editor for the August 2011 issue of the International Journal of Environmental Studies (IJES). This special issue (volume 68), devoted to land and water resources in Palestine, is comprised of 12 scientific papers submitted mainly by Palestinian experts specializing in the fields of water, sanitation, environment and land use. The authors bring together valuable data and interpretations that illuminate the reality of land and water issues in Palestine.


Dr. Michael Brett-Crowther, Editor-In-Chief of IJES, invited Dr. Al-Sa’ed to initiate a special issue on Palestine. The aim was to publish scientific papers that cover water resources, sanitation, environment, land use, urban planning and policy that utilize new data. The usual high standards of the IJES were applied with a rigorous review process. The Editor-in-Chief was concerned that this issue should help reveal Palestine’s problems and potential in an authoritative manner.


Contributing BZU writers include Dr. Orayb Al-Sayrafi, Dr. Khalid Swaileh, Mr. Ghasan Daghra and Mr. Ratib Hussein from the Faculty of Science as well as Dr. Jamal Amro and Dr. Ziad Mimi from the Faculty of Engineering.


Several other faculty members and researchers from other Palestinian universities and research centers also contributed to this issue.  The following link includes abstracts for this journal issue:


Copies of full articles can be requested from Dr. Al-Sa’ed:

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