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International Protection Subject of Gaza-Birzeit Seminar

November 5, 2015
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The Institute of Ibrahim Abu Lughod for International Studies on Saturday, October 31, 2015 held a seminar on the subject of Palestine and international protection, exploring the subject from a comparative international approach.

Institute director Abdul Karim Barghouti kick-started the event by stating that the Palestinian leadership’s demand for international protection from the United Nations could be considered both an old and a new demand, but one with special value due to the ongoing Israeli aggression in the city of Jerusalem and the occupied Palestinian territories.

“It is hard not to notice that the same request is thrust back into the spotlight during periods of escalation,” Barghouti said. “However, because it remains unfulfilled, both a special interest and focus are required to study its meaning, justifications, ways to accomplish it and the legal and political potentials and restrictions."

The seminar was held in three sessions, the first entitled, “Palestine and international protection.” International law expert Tamara Sayyad discussed international protection from a comparative international approach and Al-Haq’s General Director Shawan Jabarin spoke about rights institutions in the field of international protection. Palestinian Center for Human Rights director Raji Sourani from the Gaza Strip tackled the political dimensions of international protection.

The second session started off with a presentation from the director of the Center for Development Studies, Ayman Abdul Majeed, and Hani Abu Amra from Gaza, under the title “the protection gap and the political representation of Palestinian refugees.” They were followed by a presentation in Ramallah by legal scholar Atta Hendi and Salah Abdul Atti in Gaza under the title, “A legal framework on Palestinian refugees in the occupied Palestinian territory.”

Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute researcher Tareq Da’na discussed the gap in reinforcing the political representation of Palestinian refugees in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip’s refugee camps. Scholar in refugee issues Nahed Zaqout presented this paper in Gaza. The second session was completed by Master’s student Ula Tamimi, who presented her paper entitled “Protection gap and UNRWA,” along with Bilal Najjar from Gaza.

In the third and last session, a discussion developed with the popular committees, which was moderated by Raed Bader of the Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute for International Studies and Azza Qasim, who focused on the project to strengthen the political representation for Palestinian refugees in Gaza.

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