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Irish Academic Delegation Visits BZU

January 21, 2013
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On 18 September 2012, an Irish academic delegation visited BZU to discuss spheres of cooperation between BZU and Irish academic institutions of higher education. Members of the delegation came from Trinity College Dublin, Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin City University and Ballyfermot College of Further Education.  They met with BZU President, Dr. Khalil Hindi, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Adnan Yahya, and External Academic Relations Officer, Dolly Kaibni-Nammour.




Dr. Hindi briefed the Delegation on BZU academic programs, recent developments and the University’s relations with other international universities.

The Delegation expressed their appreciation for the efforts undertaken by the BZU administration and then toured the campus, visiting various faculties. They met with faculty members from the Departments of Political Science, Languages and Translation, Media, and Biology, and discussed potential avenues for joint initiatives. They also met with members of the BACBI group and learnt more about its work.


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