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Islamic Development Bank Supports Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project

November 12, 2015
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The Islamic Development Bank, funded by a managed bank, has committed half a million dollars to rehabilitating critical academic infrastructure at Birzeit University.

The agreement, signed by university president Abdul Latif Abu Hijleh on October 29, 2015, will refurbish the Engineering and Science faculties, as well as the university’s computer network. Engineer Hany Abu Diab, the Islamic Bank's advisor, delivered the agreement.

The project is funded by the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa, a bank managed by the Islamic Development Bank, and will develop and improve the engineering laboratories to keep them current with technological advancements.

The project is expected to enable the university to introduce new and highly effective academic programs in the field of engineering, such as mechatronics and planning.

It will also assist the university in continuing the process of rehabilitating and developing the Science Faculty’s teaching and research laboratories in order to match the increasing number of science students and to keep up with fast paced developments in all scientific fields.

The project will increase the efficiency of the computer network at the university and develop its infrastructure, resulting in better coverage and speed to facilitate the educational process and ultimately allow all students to connect through the network and access all types of services from any location on campus.

Abu Hijleh extended his appreciation to the countries and institutions supporting the Al-Aqsa Fund, the source of the grant, and the Islamic Development Bank. He said that the attention that the university has invested in this project stems from its diligence in providing its students with a unique environment that will support their academic and personal development.

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