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Israel Arrests Student Council Head and Members

January 6, 2016
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Birzeit University condemned Israel’s flagrant violations against its students and the numerous arrests in recent months, most recently the head of the student council, Saif Islam Ghaghlas, and several council members.

The university denounced the students’ arrest, saying education is a fundamental right protected by international laws and charters.

It addressed academic and human rights institutions around the globe in order to expose Israel, a country that pretends to be an oasis of democracy but in fact targets education in Palestine under various pretexts.

“We call on international institutions to place pressure on Israel, as the occupying state, to release Palestinian prisoners, including our students,” the university’s administration said.

The administration declared that Israel’s repressive measures against the Palestinian people and its students will only strengthen international efforts in support of an academic boycott of Israeli institutions.

“Such violations against our students will not stop Birzeit University from sitting in the pilot seat in confronting Israel.”

To date, Israel has imprisoned 90 female and male students, one university employee, and two instructors.

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