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Law Department Organizes ‘Mock Trial’ Exploring Juvenile Delinquency Law

May 21, 2013
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Birzeit University’s Law Department at the Faculty of Law and Public Administration conducted a mock trial on May 18, 1013. The purpose of the exercise was to train students on judicial procedures in juvenile delinquency court cases in the Palestinian areas.
The trial was opened by the “public prosecutor” and course teacher Ahmed Barak.
"Throughout the trial, legislative limitations have emerged related to the Juvenile Reform Act of Jordan in the West Bank,” he said. "International laws, conventions and other declarations deal with the child as a victim, not an offender, and measures are taken to improve his/her conduct, instead of punishment.”
The Law Department regularly organizes mock trials on various topics in order to inform students about real-world situations, complement academia with experience, and graduate distinguished and competent legal experts.

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