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Lecture Discusses Chronic Disease and University Life

April 6, 2015
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The Faculty of Nursing, Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions held on April 6, 2015 a lecture entitled, "University Life with Chronic Diseases: The Case of the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Model," delivered by professor of political science Samir Awad, who spoke about his own experience.

Awad said that multiple sclerosis can be overcome through physio-therapy and medication, whgile no treatment is available to eliminate the disease once and for all.

Awad reviewed the most important difficulties faced by the patient whose central nervous system is impacted along with the senses, such as eyesight.

Awad stressed the need for community support for those who have this disease to help them overcome the difficulties facing them. He also said that one should not underestimate the smallest accomplishment for MS sufferers, even for example if the patient manages to drink a cup of coffee without assistance.

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