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Master Thesis about Russia's Strategy in a Unipolar System - News

September 27, 2011
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At the university on Tuesday, September 6, a discussion took place about the master thesis of a student named Nardine Al- Mimi from International Studies Program, which was titled: "Russia's strategy during the era of single-polar, reward and variables.

And the panel discussion was consisted of : Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Haj Ibrahim (supervisor),Dr. Lord Habash and Dr. Sameer Awad, and with the presence of a number of students , researchers and interested people. And the study sought to focus on the features of the strategy pursued by Russia under the regime of unipolar, and study the possibility of Russia's ability to play a major role in the international system in the levels of economic, military and political.

After the discussion of the MA Thesis (the letter requesting), the Committee approved the success of Nardine Al-Mimi.


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