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A Master's student at the Arab Contemporary Studies Program discusses his thesis - News

August 25, 2011
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On 23 August 3011, the master's student, Ahmed Kabha, at the Arab Contemporary Studies Program, discussed his thesis entitled "The impact of the Arab political system on the Iranian political system."


The discussion committee consisted of: Dr. Nadim Msees. Dr. Samir Awad and Mr. Sameeh Shabib in the presence of a number of students, researchers and those interested. The student researcher addressed the form of the Iranian political system and the intricacies of its relationships and its investment in the confusion of the Arab political system, in order to strengthen its role, power and influence in the Arab region.

Moreover, Ahmed addressed the determinants and regional connection of the nuclear file, overviewing the form of the relationship between Iran and the regional players, particularly Hezbollah and Hamas. After the discussion, the Committee approved the success of the researcher Ahmed Kabha.

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