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Media Development Center Concludes Training Course for Trainers in Gender Issues

October 14, 2014
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The Birzeit University Media Development Center on October 2, 2014 concluded a five-day training course for trainers in gender issues. The course offered 30 hours of training under the supervision of media trainer and secretary editor at Petra, Jordan News Agency, Suhair Jaradat.

Center director Nibal Thawabteh said that the course will contribute to creating a young generation of male and female journalists who believe in gender issues and also contribute to the expansion of this culture in media organizations.

Jaradat first defined the policies that contribute to equal opportunities in gender, the need to train workers to develop their professional capabilities and raise awareness of gender areas, develop journalists’ capacities reporting on gender, and strengthen the role of media in fighting discrimination against women and achieving equality between men and women in the political, social and economic domains.

She said that this training course will offer trainees new opportunities for in-depth discussion with human rights and women organizations, which are interested in introducing feminist concerns and gender issues to media institutions.

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