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Media Trainees Learn Steps to TV Program Production

November 18, 2014
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The Birzeit University Media Development Center celebrated on November 6, 2014, the graduation of 11 trainees who participated in a three-week TV program production course, supervised by international expert Emma Dobinson. During the course, participants were trained in preparing and implementing all types of TV programs from their initiation, the generation of creative ideas, team-building and effective distribution of roles, budgeting, and the optimum utilization of materials and human resources and marketing.

Participants also learned from the experiences of a number of media experts such as BBC Media Action Project Manager Walid Batrawi, other BBC speakers, and film and television producer Abdul Salam Abu Askar.

At the end of the course, coordinator of the center’s gender unit, Nahed Abu-Taima, BBC Media Action Project’s  Raed Barghouti, and coordinator of the center’s monitoring and evaluation unit. Imad Asfar, evaluated the programs prepared by the trainees,

The training course was funded by the Swedish International Development Agency "SIDA".

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