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Ministry of Justice Launches Excellence in Legal Research Contest

April 18, 2012
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The Ministry of Justice launched the second Excellence in Legal Research Contest on 21 March 2012 at BZU. The Contest is for students enrolled in any law program or faculty at a Palestinian university. The Launch was attended by the Minister of Justice, Dr. Ali Khashan; BZU President, Dr. Khalil Hindi; Director of the Information Center at the Ministry of Justice, Mr. Majid Aruri; Dean of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration, Dr. Saleh Abdel Jawad; and a number of faculty members and students.



Dr. Khashan noted that this contest aims to promote a culture of legal research in Palestinian universities through creative legal research that promotes an understanding of human rights and rule of law in Palestinian society.

Dr. Hindi commended the role played by the Faculty of Law and Public Administration at BZU, as well as the Ministry of Justice, in promoting values ​​of justice and equality before the law and in ensuring the separation of powers.

Dr. Abdel Jawad noted that the Faculty of Law and Public Administration has achieved a number of awards. including one from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights  regarding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 2009, as well as one from the cultural competition organized by the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy "SHAMS," and supported by the Coalition for Accountability and Integrity "AMAN" in 2011.

All research studies, Aruri reported, will be evaluated by a specialized academic assessment committee, comprising a number of deans of law schools as well as legal scholars. The committee will select the five top studies, and the winners will be awarded cash prizes: $2,000 for first place, and $1,000 for second and third place. Moreover, $500 will be awarded to fourth and fifth places. The Ministry then has the right to publish the research studies.

Contestants must have completed the research project as part of an academic course during the year 2012. Eligible themes include human rights, rule of law, criminal justice, international humanitarian law, gender, and juvenile justice. A copy of the research should be sent to the Information Center at the Ministry of Justice by the deadline for submission on 30 June 2012.



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