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Neighborhood Initiative: Activating BZU and Surrounding Community Relations

April 17, 2012
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Under the title "Neighborhood Initiative," the BZU Advancement Office organized a meeting for mayors and heads of village councils in Ramallah’s eastern district on 1 February 2012. The initiative is led by BZU President, Dr. Khalil Hindi, and aims to activate communication with the surrounding community and explore possibilities for cooperation, as well as provide services for neighboring communities.



In his opening address, Dr. Hindi emphasized BZU’s persistent pursuit to enhance its academic level and provide an appropriate structure for students’ development by maintaining a high educational standard that generates social intelligence in an pluralistic atmosphere that values academic freedom. He added: "Despite BZU’s scope of ambitions, it holds true to its roots and environment and we are proud of that. This initiative seeks complementary and long-term relations between BZU and its environs." Moreover, he pointed to communication mechanisms between the community and BZU, in addition to BZU’s potential to further support the surrounding community.

The mayors applauded BZU’s support in offering capacity building training to municipality staff and the role played by BZU’s Students’ Voluntary Work Program. They discussed with the university administration the mechanisms of improving and strengthening relations between the University and local government, affirming their readiness to support BZU. They stressed the need for social responsibility towards BZU and its students, especially those showing outstanding merit and those in financial need.

The heads of municipalities and village councils presented their recommendations, most notably to support voluntary social work, to invite expatriates to an annual conference at BZU, and to organize a number of courses on local government at BZU, as well as to activate the Needy Student Fund. The BZU deans present proposed that interaction and cooperation be enhanced, particularly in terms of local school visits to BZU, offering access to University scientific laboratories as well as lectures, workshops and advanced courses on local government.


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