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New Course on “Planning in Palestine: Link between Theory and Practice”

January 21, 2013
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Based on a cooperation agreement with the German Agency for International Cooperation, (GIZ), the Architectural Engineering Department at BZU has introduced a new course titled: "Planning in Palestine: Link between Theory and Practice." This course is part of the Palestinian-German Local Governance and Civil Society Development Programme (LGP), which is a technical cooperation program within the priority area “Governance” of the German Palestinian Development Cooperation.



The course aims at academic development in professional work through cooperation with relevant institutions, thereby assisting students in meeting labor market needs. The course also aims to provide students with an opportunity to build their capacities and enhance their knowledge in the field of local government.

Department Chair, Dr. Samar Al Nazer, began by underscoring strategic planning in architectural engineering and local government. She applauded GIZ’s role in training students and broadening their horizons of knowledge. Faculty of Engineering Dean, Dr. Afif Hasan, noted that this Agreement reflects the Faculty’s policy of developing teaching programs that respond to community needs.

GIZ Representative, Mr. Ulrich Nitschke, expressed his pleasure at cooperating with the Department, hoping that students will benefit from this new course and implement constructive strategies and projects.



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