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Orientation Kicks Off Fellowships

February 1, 2014
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Birzeit University held on January 21, 2014 an orientation session on a fellowship program for academic and professional development that is being implemented in Palestinian universities in cooperation with the Bank of Palestine and Welfare Association. The event was attended by Assistant Vice-President for Academic Affairs Wael Hashlamoun, Bank of Palestine’s director of public relations and marketing Thaer Hamayel, and Welfare Association program consultant Saeda Affounah.


Hashlamoun opened the orientation, saying he valued this partnership and hoped that the program would continue to achieve its objectives in raising academic levels and training university students to contribute to community development. He also emphasized the great benefit that the fellowship program would offer academic staff and Palestinian higher education.


Bank director Hamayel said that the idea of a fellowship originated with the bank's experience in developing Palestinian society, and was the result of long years of brainstorming between the bank, Palestinian higher education institutions and the Welfare Association.


Assistant Vice-President Affouneh gave an overview of the program, saying that it provides for professional and technical training visits over one or two semesters in the following sectors: information technology, banking and finance, health and medicine, agriculture and environment, engineering, law, life sciences, and the humanities. He also explained how to apply for the fellowship and its eligibility criteria.

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