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PLO Member Addresses Yarmouk Camp Crisis in Syria

February 1, 2014
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Palestine Liberation Organization Executive Committee member and head of the Palestinian delegation to Syria Ahmed Majdalani said that the Palestinian leadership is working persistently to find a solution to the Yarmouk refugee camp crisis in Syria.

Majdalani made the statement during a lecture held by the Birzeit University Faculty of Arts on January 21, 2013, entitled: “Yarmouk camp: destruction or settlement?”. He said that all parties in the conflict around the camp have agreed that the Palestinian factions will protect the entry of food convoys to the camp. For weeks, fighting has prevented civilians living in the camp from receiving the necessary food and medical assistance.

Majdalani said that the agreement included allowing the entry of the dialogue committee, formed from the Palestinian factions in the camp to resolve the crisis, and medical supplies, as well as a safe passageway for the elderly, children and pregnant women to get out.

He also told the audience that the official Palestinian position is one of non-interference in the affairs of any Arab country in order to maintain the widespread appeal of the Palestinian cause. 

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