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Press Release: Birzeit University Respects and Welcomes Supporters of Palestinian Rights

September 30, 2014
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In response to the controversy over the incident involving journalist Amira Hass, Birzeit University wishes to clarify its principled position of welcoming supporters of the Palestinian struggle and opponents of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, regardless of nationality, religion, ethnicity, or creed. Hence, Hass, who has consistently condemned the Israeli occupation, evinced support for Palestinian rights, and helped expose the discriminatory policies of occupation and its flagrant violations of these rights, is always welcome on our campus and at university events.

The university regrets the lamentable incident involving the apparent exclusion of Hass from a Center for Development Studies Conference, and will work with students and faculty to create better understanding of, and ensure adherence to, university policies, which oppose discrimination based on identity.

The university community takes pride in observing the academic boycott of Israel. However, this boycott applies to institutions, not individuals, let alone individuals who have distinguished themselves by being on the side of justice and humanity, as has journalist Hass.

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