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Professor AlMadbouh Lectures at Hong Kong Research Center

February 8, 2014
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Birzeit University political science professor Ghada alMadbouh was invited by the International Affairs Research Centre (IARC) at the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies - Chinese University of Hong Kong to lecture on January 9, 2014 about the Arab Spring and its effect on Palestinian politics.

Dr AlMadbouh analyzed the outbreak of the Tunisian "uprising" in late 2010 and how it has opened up new horizons for the Arab people and Palestinians. The lecture addressed the resulting developments in the Arab world and the rise of political Islam in Egypt and Tunisia. Macro politics of occupation, regional, and inter-regional powers were discussed by Dr alMadbouh to shed light on mobilizations, control, and possibilities in the region and more particularly in Palestine.   

During her visit, Dr Almadbouh also discussed with the university possible cooperation in research on Middle Eastern issues and Asian Studies between Birzeit University and some Chinese universities. The possibility of teaching Chinese culture and politics at Birzeit University through visiting professors from China was proposed.

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