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Psychodrama Workshop Emphasizes Self-Expression

March 14, 2015
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The Counseling Office at the Birzeit University Deanship of Student Affairs held on March 5, 2015 a workshop on psychodrama presented by human development trainer and member of the Union of Palestinian Playwrights, Ezzedine al-Jabari.

Student Affairs Deanship social worker Samia Hawamdeh said that the workshop aims to help students properly express their feelings and emotions. The activity is part of the counseling program, which is working to increase awareness, educate and provide students with drama skills and abilities related to self-understanding.

"Training seeks to simulate topics related to superstitions and Palestinian folk tales and its impact on our relations, personalities and ourselves,” explained Al-Jabari. “Psychodrama is a creative process that depends on the movement of a group of people, and as we go beyond, it is problem-solving that relies on sheer honesty within the group.”

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