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Qattan Foundation Workshop to Develop Exhibition Skills

January 25, 2016
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A. M. Qattan Foundation kicked off a workshop on “Exhibit Development” on January 24, 2016 as part of the Walid and Helen Kattan Science Education Project. The workshop, held at Birzeit University, is a hands-on event designed to introduce participants to the process of creating exhibition learning experiences. 

The seven-day workshop is a part of a one-and-a-half year project aimed at preparing a professional team specialized in science, arts and architecture that is able to create interactive exhibits that merge academic knowledge and technical proficiency.

The workshop is curated by Mazen Kattuah and Eric Diamond from the Exploratorium, in addition to a number of supporting administrators and researchers from the Qattan Foundation.

During the workshop, participants will take two tracks, one focused on the fabrication of known exhibits and the other focused on the development of new exhibits or other learning activities. The final results will be used at the Interactive Science Center that the Qatan Foundation plans to establish.

“Exhibit Development” was held in partnership with San Francisco’s Exploratorium Exhibition, a public learning laboratory for science, art and human perception, and with the participation of approximately 18 engineers, artists and educators who are specialized in educational communication.

Qattan Centre for Educational Research and Development director Wasim Al Kurdi said that this workshop will be the first step towards making come true the center’s dream of establishing the first Palestinian interactive science center. “This step will prepare a distinguished, passionate team to work on preparing inspiring models that will eventually benefit the Interactive Center of Science,” he explained.

“This workshop is an important platform for creating a group artists and educators that are able to support the work of the center through innovative ideas and exhibits that are created through this long-term workshop and will be transferred for the benefit of the center,” said Walid and Helen Qattan Science Project director Nader Wahbeh.

In later phases of the project, participants will implement their ideas and test them in different scientific events in Palestine. Finally, they will visit the U.S. for another three months in order to complete the course.

Curators Diamond and Kattuah said that, through this hands-on experience and using focused programs, participants will be given grounding in the pedagogy and practice of science and arts.

Kurdi thanked Birzeit University for hosting the workshop by opening its faculties and classrooms to help Qatan Foundation in achieving this workshop.

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