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Ramallah Expatriates Briefed in University Programs and Education Rights Violations

July 8, 2014
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Public Relations Office - Birzeit University

A delegation of Ramallah expatriates from the United States and abroad visited Birzeit University on June 21, 2014 to learn about developments at the university, its academic programs, and the possibility of cooperation and further communication.

The visit was one of the activities of the 56th Ramallah Convention organized by the Municipality of Ramallah, under the title "Ramallah brings us together."

The delegation met with university President Khalil Hindi, who emphasized the university's quest to associate with Palestinians wherever they are. Hindi briefed the guests on the university and its academic programs at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels, as well as its future plans.

Hindi spoke about the university’s role in community service and development in Palestine, commending students and alumni in various fields in their top positions in various parts of the world.

Vice President for Academic Affairs Henry Giacaman overviewed the Palestine and Arabic Studies program that is designed to teach Arabic language to non-native speakers while also offering specialized courses on Palestinian and Arab culture, history, and politics.

Birzeit University’s Center for Continuing Education Director Marwan Tarazi outlined the most important development projects carried out by the university for the benefit of Palestinian society. Tarazi explained the university’s role in enhancing learning through creative programs and providing an appropriate atmosphere for innovation and development.

Right to Education campaign coordinator Maher Mansour addressed the Israeli obstacles that impede the right to education in Palestine. Mansour added that the university and its students have experienced Israeli provocations and grave violations, not least of which occurred when the Israeli army stormed the campus two days prior. Moreover, more than 45 students are in Israeli prisons in a sign of the occupation’s arbitrary policies.


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