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Returning Students Bring Greece Architecture to Campus

November 6, 2014
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The Birzeit University Architectural Engineering Department organized an exhibition entitled “Athens: Revisited,” in which students who participated in a trip to Greece this summer exhibited portrayals of their experiences and perceptions of Greek architecture and culture.

Professor of architecture and students’ exhibition supervisor Rana Abu Ghannam said, "The idea stemmed out of a course on the history of architecture, which I teach, which pays special attention to the art of Greek architecture. The students decided to visit Greece, after coordinating with the Technical University of Greece, and we actually visited Greek archeological sites and attended lectures at the Technical University on Greek architecture.”

Abu Ghannam said that after returning from Greece, students felt that it was necessary to convey their experience to their fellow architecture students.

"The aim of the exhibition is to reshape our ideas on Greek architecture inspired by Greek civilization and apply it to our projects, thoughts, and Palestinian culture,” said student Sundus Nieroukh, who participated in the exhibition.

“Our art work is directed towards integrating and blending Palestinian architecture with Greek architecture. I and my ten colleagues tried to leave it to the visitors’ imagination to understand our artwork and paintings."

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