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Roundtable on “Refugee issues of asylum and immigration” - News

August 9, 2011
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On 7 June 2011, the Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies (IALIIS) hosted Prof. Barbara Harrell from Oxford University, and Oroub El-Abed from the School of Oriental and African Studies – University of London, to participate in a roundtable in which  Refugee issues of asylum and immigration were addressed.


Prof. Harrell explained the reasons for asylum around the world, specifically from Europe to America in the nineteenth century, and how these asylum cases were dealt with. Then, she  spoke about the establishment of the UN High Commissioner for Russian Refugees and addressed the three proposed solutions to the issue of refugees in Europe which are: repatriation, resettlement outside of Europe, or their integration in Europe


Oroub El-Abed addressed the Palestinian refugees  issue, overviewing the  historical  events since the Nakba in May 1948 until the early fifties. She spoke about the various UN bodies, which were established to find a solution to the Palestinian refugees issue. She added: these bodies have failed to find a solution to the Palestinian refugees issue, due either to the lack of support for these bodies or because of Zionist pressure. At a later stage,, the idea of ​​protection of the Palestinians has been cancelled , leading to the formation of UNRWA. Listen


This roundtable is part of a series of activities related to a summer session course, offered by IALIIS entitled "The psychological, social and existential aspects of the life of refugees," in which many experts and specialists in the field of refugees have participated.

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