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Samih Darwazah Pharmaceuticals Institute Officially Launched

November 6, 2015
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مكتب العلاقات العامة - جامعة بيرزيت

Chair of Birzeit University's Board of Trustees Hanna Nasir Saturday, October 3,  inaugurated the Samih Darwazah Institute for Pharmaceutical Industries in the presence of Samih’s son, Mazen Darwazah, his family and a number of Palestinian figures, university’s members of board and staff.

During the ceremony’s opening speech, Nasir said the university takes pride in its friends who continue to support education in Palestine, most distinguishably the late Samih Darwazah who sponsored the institute since the very beginning.

“This generous donation is an indication of the robust bond Palestinians of the Diaspora have with their home country Palestine,” He confirmed.

“This country will be built with Palestinian arms despite of the hardship and the Israeli Occupation,” Nasir said. “Birzeit University is committed to always be part of this country and to remain the beacon that we and Samih Darwazah’s sons and grandchildren are proud of."

On his part, Abu Hijleh said the university is witnessing remarkable progress in order to meet the growing needs of higher education in Palestine and keep pace with the latest educational methods and trainings.

He said, “The inauguration of the Samih Darwazah institute is nothing but an integral part of this progress."

“The late Samih Darwazah believed in universities' role in building an academic staff that has both the scientific and practical ability to face various challenges. Therefore, he allocated a generous donation to bring to life an ambitious project in Birzeit University, support Palestinian pharmaceutical industries and serve the university in terms of trainings. He also made sure to complete this project based on international standards.”

Abu Hijleh affirmed that the institute would import the necessary advanced technology used in making drugs to Palestine and apply quality standards in order to meet the needs of Pharmaceutical industries.

“The institute will also provide advice and carry out Pharmaceutical research and trainings and assist in developing new products for those who seek excellence in Pharmaceutical technology and the creation of a collaborative and unique connection between the institute, local and regional drugs’ factories and related institutions. The institute will enhance scientific research and pharmaceutical industries,” He said.

Mazen Darwazah addressed the audience on behalf of his family and asserted his father’s belief in universities’ role in providing a qualified staff, both scientifically and professionally, capable of facing challenges.

He said, “As part of this vision, Samih Darwazah’s institute aims to advance local Pharmaceutical industries in Palestine to become a local and regional reference as well as support Birzeit University."

The Samih Darwazah institute includes a special lab to meet the needs of the factory and support its main purpose.

Meanwhile, Dr. Tamer Meshal delivered a speech on behalf of the Faculty of Nursing, Pharmacy and Health professions and affirmed that Samih Darwazah’s generosity and care to advance scientific facilities in Palestine have helped the university achieve this scientific accomplishment, which is bound to develop Pharmaceutical industries in this country, through rehabilitating a specialized staff capable of advancing this profession and providing the best researchers and scholars.

He said, “We succeeded in introducing a new academic program in Pharmaceutical industries; the first of its kind in the country. Those studying this program could also benefit from this institute and the constant cooperation with Hikma Pharmaceuticals in Jordan as well as local and regional factories.”

Toward the end of the ceremony, the university presented Mazen Darwazah and Engineer Amjad Wehbeh from Hikma Pharmaceuticals with honorary shields. Head of the Samih Darwazah institute Dr. Hani Ishtayi introduced the audience to the institute, equipment, and sections.

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