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Science Fun Featured at 2014 Festival

November 13, 2014
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The Birzeit University Faculty of Science joined in the three-day Science Festival in Palestine, 2014, which included activities related to physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics.

The events first night, November 13, 2014 was devoted to astronomy, followed by another two days (November 22 and 25 ) in which approximately 300 school students from the governorates of Ramallah and Jerusalem were invited to undergo medical check-ups and were entertained with scientific puzzles and games. Birzeit University provided the students with the opportunity to meet scientists and discuss with them the phenomenon of global warming, and the damage caused by soft drinks.

Birzeit University has also worked with many other scientific and cultural institutions at reviving a World Science Festival, which is expected to be held shortly. The university, over the year, receives hundreds of school students as part of its community outreach policy, and works to inspire and motivate them to learn and think scientifically.



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