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Second International Palestinian Geographical Conference

May 25, 2016
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Second International Palestinian Geographical Conference:

Geo- Palestine 2016: Past, Present and Future.


Conference Date: Monday – Tuesday: 14-15 November, 2016

Place of Conference: Birzeit University, Palestine

Organizer: Palestinian Geographical Society, Palestine

Conference Topics:

First: International Topics:

  1. Arab Geographers Contribution through history
  2. Climate Change and its Impacts
  3. Topics of Critical Geography
  4. Tourism
  5. Development


Second: Arabian Topics:

  1. Effects of Wars on Environment in Middle East
  2. Demographic, Economic, and Political Transformations in the Arab World
  3. Arab – Israeli Conflict


Third: Palestinian Topics:

  1. Palestine: Problems and prospects
  2. Water Resources and their Problems
  3. Poverty and Its Impacts
  4. Apartheid System
  5. Apartheid Wall in Palestine
  6. Palestine and Arab Spring
  7. Zionism Settlements in Palestine from 1850 to Present
  8. Palestine and Colonization Movements.


Abstracts Submission:

Abstracts should be submitted to Conference Organizing Committee:

Hussein Al-Rimmawi 

Khalil Amro

Abstract Submission (300 words), Deadline: July 1st, 2016

Languages: Arabic or English

Conference Fees: Locals: $50 /// Outside Palestine: $150


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