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Second Semester Begins, Welcoming 200 New Students

February 13, 2016
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As the second semester of 2015-16 began on February 13, the Birzeit University Alumni and Career Services Office welcomed 212 new students to campus. The students were given an orientation about academics and campus life.

“We can assure you that Birzeit University is keen on providing students with excellence in education, and that it is striving to extend its frontiers of knowledge and community service to shape your future,” Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs of Bachelor Programs Mazen Hamed welcomed the students.

Registrar Khaled Al-Tukhaman assured the new enrollees that the university seeks to organize and facilitate admission procedures to make things easy for students.

Director of Alumni and Career Services Office Wijdan Farraj told the entering class that this orientation intends to help students get to know better the university community and its academic policies. “We challenge our students to develop their own core,” she said. “We ensure that they get the best education and are exposed to people, ideas and experiences that will teach them and chart the broadest possible intellectual journey.”

“Students should have greater freedom in pursuing higher education, so that each is able to study what he or she chooses,” Dean of Student Affairs Mohammad Al-Ahmad said. “There is much evidence to show that our liberal approach to education and freedom of thought and expression is very essential to maintain, as we see the success of our graduates in professional degrees. Therefore, we urge all students to participate in extracurricular activities and to take advantage of the assistance provided by the Deanship of Student Affairs.”

Students also watched an introductory film overviewing the university and its facilities. Two of the university’s distinguished graduates, Ramallah mayor Musa Hadid and architect Ola Kararkra shared their stories about how their experience at Birzeit University influenced their life experiences and their career aspirations and pursuits.


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